Jack’s Story

I met Jack 10 years ago when I introduced my son to tennis. Now, I’m not a great tennis player. I’m not even good, but I love it, and spending time with my son has always been fun. So, I thought, why not? It would be something he and I could do for fun.

So, I took him over to the courts and showed him the basics, which was I all knew. We had a great time and he seemed to really enjoy the game for itself. While we were playing, a man approached us. He was an older gentleman, with shorts, a ball cap on his head and a knee brace on his leg. He was apparently meeting some friends to play but was by himself for the moment.

Jack was really big into tennis. He commented to me about my son playing. I explained that I was just introducing him to it and it was just for fun. He talked to me about the potential he saw in my son’s play and offered to give him lessons. My son agreed, and they began meeting a couple of times a week.

While my son was learning how to play tennis I was getting to know Jack. Jack loved to play tennis, but his knee prevented him from doing as much as he wanted. He played casually, but his movement was hindered and was taking up to 8 tablets of the anti-inflammatory, Ibuprofen, each day for pain. At the time, my husband was working on a new formulation with herbs to target inflammation. He had already developed successful ones for horses and now he was working on something for people, too.

I talked to Jack about the formulation and asked if he would be interested in trying it. He was one of our first “guinea pigs” outside of myself and my husband, who tries all products for people when he first makes it. He said he would love to and I gave him a container of it. I warned him that it didn’t taste wonderful and he might not love it, but it seemed to help me, so it might help him, too. He said he didn’t mind and promised to give it a go.

After the first month, he told me he could tell a difference. He explained that he simply mixed it in with some orange juice and that really helped the taste. I had never thought of that! He still had on his knee brace, as it helped to stabilize his knee when he was playing. He told me that he felt a lot more comfortable and could move better. Most of all, he was completely off of the Ibuprofen!  So, I gave him another container.

He coached my son for the next couple of years and really taught him a lot about how to play high level tennis. The guy obviously knew his stuff and my boy was soaking up his knowledge. Jack was actively coaching other kids and had even started helping with the newly formed team at the middle school. It was then, that I knew that Jack was serious about keeping active and comfortable. He was playing just about every day either with the kids or his friends. I also knew he was serious about the herbs helping him, because he never went a day without taking it.

Jack’s Tennis Adventure

Fast forward to today. Jack isn’t coaching the kids as much, at least not on a regular basis as far as I know. At 70 years of age, his priorities have shifted a little. The last couple of years, he has been traveling a lot, but he’s also done something he didn’t think he could do ten years ago. He has partnered up with a buddy of his to play doubles at tennis tournaments.  They started local and have kind of expanded from there. Jack has continued to use the herbal formula that my husband created, now called Cur-OST HU Pure. He calls me every couple of months to get a fresh supply and give me an update on all the tennis he’s playing.

Turns out, Jack and his partner have been ranked number 1 for over a year in North Carolina and number 2 in our region. They have been playing so much and so well, that they were invited to two national tournaments. One of them was the national championship tournament, and while they didn’t win every match, they had a great time. When he called me after they had finished their first two matches, he sounded like a young boy he was so excited. He told me that all the players were being interviewed by the USTA as an interest piece to find out how each player got to where they are today.

This was the reason he called me, to tell me about his interview. He explained that when he told the lady his story, he wanted to make sure that they knew it was Tom’s “horse medicine” that helped him feel so good. They ended up finishing third overall in the tournament, which meant third in the nation. I would say that’s pretty good for a guy who thought he couldn’t play tennis much longer 10 years ago.

I Get To Hear About It All!

Actually, every time I talk to him or his wife, they are always so gracious to tell me “thank you” for such a wonderful product. Of course, they know I don’t make it, my husband does, but I get to be the one who hears about all of Jack’s adventures on the tennis court. He says he gets to talk to people about how the Cur-OST HU Pure has helped him.

This is my turn to tell the world about Jack. He’s such a good and humble guy who loves the game of tennis. He taught my son more than I will ever know about the game. More than that, he has really helped me, and a lot of others understand just how powerful herbs can be in keeping anyone as healthy as they want to be.  Playing and being as active as Jack is, is a real testament to all people young and old to never let a little thing like inflammation keep you down.

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