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From the Rumbling to the Burning; Stomach Ailments, Medications and Herbal Therapies

We’ve all been there.  Burning sensation in the stomach region, just below the sternum, sometimes even radiating up into the chest. In some cases, there is an acidic taste in the mouth and a rapid heartbeat to go along with it, hence the term ‘heartburn’.  It’s a common problem in today’s society, leading to abuse of over the counter antacids or acid reducers, increased prescription medications and even emergency room visit.  Heartburn and stomach ulcer conditions can be innocent in many situations, but if ongoing, can lead to some significant health hazards including a higher risk of esophageal and stomach cancer. But, are the medications the answer?  Are they really the solution? What is the story here and can we do better in regards to managing the problem?   (more…)

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