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Adaptogens, Stress, and Your Health

Stress is a real killer, as noted in our other article.  Stress related illness comprise upwards of 70% of all health complaints in America, not to mention other countries.  Although you cannot avoid all stress, it is possible to reduce the impact of that stress upon your body.  Through the use of adaptogens, a proper diet, and exercise, the overall negative impact of stress upon your health can be reduced.  Adaptogens are one powerful means of intervention, which may not just help save your life, but could actually bring about an overall state of wellness to the world as a whole, if we all participated. (more…)

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Balancing Out Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Blood sugar or glucose related health concerns are on the rise, often accompanying metabolic conditions, insulin dysfunction, and diabetes.  The problem goes much further than just a ‘high’ reading on a finger stick or in the urine. Unregulated blood sugar, diabetes, and insulin levels indicate altered cellular metabolism and are connected to a host of clinical health ailments.  Looking beyond the host of medications routinely prescribed, are there more natural options including herbs and dietary approaches that can be of benefit? (more…)

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