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Stress. Is it Killing Me?

Approximately 70-90% of all visits to the doctor are stress-related ailments or complaints.  To go further more, this implies that 70-90% of all illnesses and health complaints are psychosomatic or related to the mind, being an internal conflict or stress.  Those are some pretty incredible statistics, taken from WebMD, and should serve as a wake-up call of sorts for us as humans existing in a body given to us for and with a purpose.  Spend a little time on social media, jumping from one ‘medical’ oriented group to the next, and you will just get a glimpse of not just what ailments are impacting people, but to what degree.  Then, instead of remedying or improving the cause, being stress in our lives, we rally for sympathy or raise funds to rid that disease from the face of the earth.  The reality is that your body, my body, is a living device, and what goes into it and what it is faced with, impacts it’s function.  This in turn can either create wellness or disease.  Choice is yours and it is mine, but there are things you can do to mitigate the damage if lifestyle and stress cannot be completely eradicated. (more…)

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Your Body’s Service Engine Light Is On! Are You Listening?

Do you wake up in the morning stiff and in pain?  Do you have  trouble sleeping, thinking it is your mattress?  Do you experience anxiety, depression, or even forgetfulness?  Sore back, stiff joints, which are limiting your abilities and desires?  Gaining weight and having trouble shedding a few pounds?  Swollen legs and ankles?  This is your body’s ‘Service Engine’ light that is coming on!  Are you listening or ignoring it? (more…)

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