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Alzheimer’s Disease; Prevention or Cure?

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most feared conditions associated with aging in people, likely next to cancer and ranked above cardiovascular disease.  Alzheimer’s disease is often a very progressive dementia condition associated with aging that leaves many helpless, not only as the patient but the caregiver.  In today’s society, we often ban together to find cures for various health conditions that threaten our health, especially as we age, but all too often the cures that we expect to see, just never manifest.  Like many other health conditions, Alzheimer’s disease is complex and there are many facets to the disease process, often developing over time, not overnight.  Despite the millions if not billions of dollars spent on Alzheimer’s research, there is no cure in sight, but this research has shed some lights on lifestyle factors that could be potent means of prevention.  Should we pay more attention to what has been revealed to us, regarding Alzheimer’s prevention, rather than holding our breath waiting on that cure? (more…)

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Curcumin, Chronic Inflammation, and Cancer.

Cancer is likely the most dreaded diagnosis any person can hear.  The disease can impact any organ system from the digestive tract, breast, blood, genitourinary, skin and central nervous system.  The link between cancer and chronic inflammation is well known.  As a result, much research has been done regarding herbs, including Curcumin or Turmeric, and their potential ability to act as a preventative or a means of intervention at various stages of disease.  What is the connection between Curcumin or Turmeric, chronic inflammation, and cancer?   (more…)

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Things I Find Incredible

As a practicing veterinarian, in 2006, I was diagnosed with a condition that was all too common in my patients, cancer.  In reality, the form of cancer, being in my bladder, was also a very common site in my companion animal patients, so I was familiar with it in many regards.  Since that time, I have become almost obsessed to an extent, in researching not just options for better management, but also health in general, realizing the many faults in my own personal life regimen.  In this pursuit, which is really one of knowledge, I have become well aware of many truths and likewise many opportunities in intervention, things that I have come to find quite incredible. Do we have to suffer or do we have a choice in the matter? (more…)

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