Cur-OST HU Joint Rub


Topical Relief for Sore and Stiff Joints, Tendons, Muscles, Necks and Backs!  Concentrated Turmeric Essential Oil with Jojoba and Boswellia to impact soreness and stiffness, plus benefit healing.  Mild warming benefit to stimulate blood circulation!

Topical relief and support of joint and tendon inflammation!  A mildly warming blend of concentrated Turmeric essential oil combined with Jojoba and Boswellia serrata extract to aid in modifying inflammation and discomfort topically in the joint or soft tissue.  Apply a small amount once to twice daily to the affected joint or tendon, then rub in well.  Excellent at bedtime to relieve morning stiffness!

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  1. Can the Cur-OST HU Joint Rub be used on any joint or area of pain in my body?  Yes!  The HU Joint Rub is very effective and can be applied anywhere on the body externally to aid in reducing inflammation and managing discomfort.  That includes sore muscles, necks, and backs.
  2. What does the Cur-OST HU Joint Rub do for my discomfort?  The ingredients in the HU Joint Rub are potent anti-inflammatories based on clinical research.  They can penetrate the skin and impact deeper tissue layers. Discomfort is relieved by their natural anti-inflammatory properties in addition to their natural mild warming effect, which helps to stimulate blood circulation to the region.
  3. Why do I have to wear gloves?  You do not have to wear gloves, as the solution is not harmful, but the Turmeric essential oil can stain hands and clothing, so gloves are recommended to avoid this potential problem.
  4. Are there any precautions?  Yes.  Do not apply to an area of inflamed skin which is red, has sores, or any open wounds.  Do not mix the HU Joint Rub with any other topical medication or therapy.
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