Shatavari Root 20% Saponin Extract


Asparagus Root Powder, 20% Saponin Extract.  One of the main Ayurvedic herbs to support and rebuild women’s health by assisting in hormone balance, body rejuvenation, and overall moisture.  Cooling and moisturizing properties which are beneficial to both women and men.

Shatavari root extract!  One of the main Ayurvedic herbs to promote female health! Shatavari is a different type of Asparagus than that which is found in the grocery store, originating from the species Asparagus racemosus.  The herb is extracted from the roots of the plant.  Asparagus Root Extract is used support hormone balance, body rejuvenation, and body moisture.  There are many active ingredients found in Shatavari, but the main one is the Saponins, which are phytochemical present within the plant which impact many facets of health from inflammation to hormone balance.  This is a concentrated 20% Saponin Shatavari extract.  Benefits men’s health as well due to it’s cooling and balancing effect!  Especially beneficial for the over-stressed and ‘hot’ natured man.

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