Cur-OST HU Tri-Gut


Boost and Support YOUR Digestive Health with one Formula! Ancient Ayurvedic formula composed of 3 simple herbs to promote overall healthy digestive function and a healthy inflammatory response in the digestive tract. Natural mild laxative and antioxidant properties to benefit a variety of digestive health conditions. Beneficial for oral health, teeth and gums! Our most popular digestive formula with time proven efficacy!

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Complete Digestive and Oral Health Support for Your Body!

Are you feeling bloated? Do you get constipated easily? Do you have a hard time enjoying foods because they sit like a rock in your belly afterwards? In other words, are you searching for something to support a healthy digestion without the use of medication?

Do you also suffer from problems in your mouth impacting your teeth or gum line?  Bad breath or mouth odor?

Healthy digestion is the key to the whole body feeling great. These days, with so many convenient processed foods available and our modern busy lifestyles, keeping our digestive tract healthy is a challenge. Most of us know that eating whole foods rather than processed foods is ideal, but often we are too busy to plan each meal to the highest degree and so, we fall back on convenience. We know that eating healthy is top priority, but sometimes we need a little more help.

Cur-OST Tri-Gut Human formulation utilizes the time proven ability of the ancient Ayurvedic formula called Triphala to promote healthy digestion. Cur-OST Tri-Gut combines the abilities of 3 key herbs; Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica and Phyllanthus emblica. These three herbs have been used in combination in Ayurvedic medicine to promote healthy digestion, promote normal bowel movement through a gentle laxative effect, detoxify and even help to promote a healthy inflammatory response within the gastrointestinal tract. Due to natural, mild laxative effect, individual dose and results may vary. It is recommended to start off with lower dose, assess response and increase if needed.

Just a small amount of these powerful herbs can go a long way to help improve the digestive tract and it’s easy to use. Just mix it with your favorite all natural drink and enjoy the benefits. Promoting healthy digestion is a great step to add to your ability to enjoy each day, without the bloat or constipation!

Try Cur-OST Tri-Gut Human with Triphala today and have a great tomorrow!

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How Does Cur-OST HU Tri-GUT Benefit My Body and Digestive Health?

Digestive health is paramount to your total body health.  In today’s society, digestive health is a main concern and is related to stress levels, anxiety, and our diet.  Cur-OST HU Tri-GUT utilizes the traditional digestive support blend called Triphala, which consists of 3 main herbs being Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica, and Phyllanthus emblica to support your digestive health in many ways.  Natural laxative support to minimize or manage constipation, natural antioxidants, promotes a healthy systemic and digestive tract inflammatory response, and helps to maintain proper balance of your digestive microbiome.

What Digestive Conditions can Cur-OST HU Tri-GUT Assist with in My body?

Cur-OST Tri-GUT, due to natural inherent properties of the herbs contained in the formula can assist in promoting a healthy digestive inflammatory response and provide a mild natural laxative effect.  These properties can benefit intermittent constipation, loose stools, excess gas, poor digestion, irritable bowel conditions, allergies, and general digestive concerns.

How do you take the Cur-OST HU Tri-GUT?

Cur-OST HU Tri-GUT is a powder formula that is mixed with a small amount of water, swished around the mouth for a short period, and then swallowed.  There is a natural slight bitterness to the herbs, which is meant to support overall digestion.  It is recommended to take the formula as directed once daily after an evening meal or taken more often after every meal in more critical conditions.

Are there any side effects to the Cur-OST HU Tri-GUT?

In most people, there are no problems or side effects noted.  There is a mild natural laxative property to the herbs which may pose problems in some individuals.  In those cases, it is recommended to reduce the dose as needed.

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