Cur-OST HU Multi-Enhance


Super food blend to boost your intake of natural greens to boost energy and overall health!  High Potency Support to Benefit Your Body Today!

12 Whole Food Green Foods to support overall health and energy with no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or added sugars! Completely natural!  Over 25 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, with plant based protein and viable fiber.

Get Your Nutrients Naturally!  Not in the Synthetic Form!  

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The Ultimate Superfood blend to boost your intake of natural greens to boost energy and overall health!

Boost energy, support gastrointestinal health, support muscle health and overall vitality. Twelve whole food vegetables and herbs in their natural form with no additives, preservatives or synthetics, providing over 25 nutrients, including protein, fiber and essential fatty acids.

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How Does Cur-OST HU Multi-Enhance Differ from My Vitamin/Mineral Supplement?

Whole foods are our body’s preferred way of acquiring nutrients, which are then found in their natural and unadulterated forms.  Whole food nutrients from vegetables and fruits are far superior to synthetic and inorganic vitamins and mineral founds in the every day supplement.  In addition, by consuming nutrients in their natural form, you are also gaining the tremendous health benefits of naturally occurring phytonutrients and antioxidants that are not found in a traditional synthetic vitamin supplement.

How is Cur-OST HU Multi-Enhance Superior to any other GREEN drink on the market?

Cur-OST HU Multi-Enhance uses very high levels of vegetable and fruit extracts in their whole food form to provide benefits to your body.  Most ‘green’ drinks on the market have a little of this or that added for labeling and marketing purposes, but the value present is limited due to the low level provided.  In order to gain the benefits of spinach, as an example, you have to consume a sufficient amount, and those are the levels we are seeking and providing in our Cur-OST HU Multi-Enhance formula.

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(Visited 1,055 times, 1 visits today)