Cur-OST HU Magnesium Threonate


Boost Your Brain and Total Body Health! Support a Healthy Mind, Body, Ease Tension and Improve Focus with Highly Bio-Available Magnesium L-Threonate!  Unequaled by any other form of magnesium supplement.

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Magnesium Deficiency is becoming an epidemic! Do you ever find it hard to focus on what you’re doing? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Maybe you’re not getting enough magnesium in your diet. It is vital to maintaining mental health and managing stress. Not only that, it also supports your brain function and cardiovascular health as well as helping to prevent a number of health problems such as migraines and osteoporosis. Sometimes eating enough green vegetables and nuts doesn’t quite make up for the amount our bodies need and supplementation is a great way to help.

Did you know that the recommended daily requirement of magnesium is at least 400mg for men and 310mg for women and even higher as we age? The average diet of most people, since we often consume more processed foods rather than whole fruits, nuts and vegetables, lack the proper amounts to sustain proper health functions on all levels and many of the supplements available simply are not able to be absorbed by our bodies to meet those daily requirements. In effect, you take it in and your body sends it back out without reaping any of its benefits.

Our busy schedules often impact our mental focus and clarity which then affects how well we sleep at night. It can be a vicious cycle if we are aiming to live healthy, active and professionally successful lives. If we don’t get enough sleep, we often eat more convenient food in order to keep up with the hectic schedule of the day. This can lead to a drop in the amount of vitamins and minerals our bodies need to perform at their best. Magnesium can help with out mental clarity and improve our sleep, which in turn will help us make better eating choices throughout the day as we are not so deprived to be rushed into eating processed foods, rather than whole foods.

Magnesium is extremely important in managing bone health, especially in aging women. It works with vitamin D to help increase bone density and can stave off the onset of osteoporosis. People who suffer with osteoporosis will benefit from taking a readily absorbable magnesium supplement.

Studies have shown people who suffer from migraine headaches have lower concentrations of magnesium within their blood and tissue than those who do not. Supplementing with this versatile element may help prevent the onset of migraines as studies have suggested.

Highly bioavailable Magnesium combined with L-threonate (Magtein®) to support overall health, mental well-being, cardiovascular health, promote relaxation, sleep and improve focus. Over 70% of the general population is viewed as being deficient in magnesium, which can dramatically impact health on many levels. Magnesium supplements are often hard to digest, absorb and can create side effects such as gas, bloating and GI upset. Cur-OST Mg-threonate is the best brain bioavailable form of magnesium available on the market. It is supported by research studies to improve short and long term memory, ease response to stressful events, improves mental clarity during aging, improves focus and attention, enhances cognitive ability and helps to alleviate anxiety.


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