Cur-OST Immune Full Spectrum


Powerful full-spectrum medicinal mushroom extracts to support healthy immune function, digestion, energy, performance and recovery from illness or injury.  Six medicinal mushroom extracts provided in critical levels in one blend to support and boost your  health.  Can be used daily or as needed to provide a boost or support vital functions and recovery.

Concentrated whole mushroom extracts to target and balance immune health, support digestion, enhance energy production, and promote whole body healing.  Enhances overall recovery from illness, injury, or just to promote health and well-being.

Critical levels of 6 potent medicinal mushroom extracts to promote immune and total body health.  A viable and inexpensive option for daily use to help support and balance overall health.  Supports and balances the internal stress response by supporting overall health, through secondary adaptogenic benefits present within each mushroom extract.

Directly impacts immune health through naturally present beta-glucans in concentrated forms, while also providing support to the digestive microbiome!

Powerful, concentrated mushroom extracts including Cordyceps sinensis, Poria cocos, Ganoderma, Coriolus versicolor, Inonotus obliquus, and Grifola frondosa.

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