Directly Impact Metabolism, Energy, Recovery, and Mental Health. Isolated ketone salts, beta-hydroxybutyrate magnesium, to assist with generating natural ketone bodies in your body.  Benefits overall health by providing an alternate and direct source of fuel and energy for the cell.  Promotes healthy body metabolism, body weight, insulin and glucose function, energy, and cognitive health.

Cur-OST HU Keto BHB – a direct source of exogenous ketones to support your health in more ways than one!  Impact Metabolism, Energy, and Cognitive Health.

Metabolic concerns and insulin dysfunction are very common and create a major health crisis in our society. Cellular dysfunction is prominent due to altered insulin pathways and cells are in need of an alternate source of fuel to re-ignite proper function, energy production, and impact metabolism.

Ketone generation through the use of a ketogenic diet or MCT oils can be a huge source of cellular revitalization.  Despite using a low carbohydrate diet and supplemental medium-chain triglycerides, some people still have difficulty generating proper ketones.

Cur-OST HU Keto BHB directly supplements your body with ketone salts, which are readily absorbed and utilized by the body for energy and stimulation of other pathways.  Cur-OST HU Keto BHB utilizes beta-hydroxybutyrate magnesium, which is an isolated and the most prominent ketone body generated within the body.  Ketones can be used by your body as an alternate fuel source for energy, bypassing dysfunctional insulin and glucose pathways, which can directly impact metabolism.  Through the use of ketones, cell function can be improved, metabolism is enhanced, and overall energy restored.

Excellent addition to any athletic regimen for enhanced overall energy and recovery!

Cur-OST HU Keto BHB is also a potent source of magnesium, which can help support your body and mood on many levels.  No need in most cases to supplement additional magnesium.

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  1. What benefits does the Cur-OST HU Keto BHB offer my body?  Many of us are stressed, eat improperly, and have metabolic concerns which leads to being overweight and having poor health.  This leads to poor cell energy production and impacts many pathways.  Ideally, in these situations, it is desirable to provide an alternate fuel source for the cell, in the form of fatty acid metabolism and medium chain trigylcerides.  This is where the Cur-OST HU Keto Oil is beneficial for many people along with a ketogenic approach.  However, despite use of the HU Keto Oil and modification to the diet, some people are just not capable of producing increased levels of ketones, which are beneficial to overall health and insulin function.  The Cur-OST HU Keto BHB is used to achieve a higher level of support, directly supplying the body with ketone bodies that can assist cellular function.
  2. How can I monitor ketone levels in my body?  Ketone levels are easy to monitor and can be assessed either by using ketone urine sticks or ketone blood meters, both of which can be purchased online.  Ketone blood meters are more reliable as some ketone levels are just too low to feed over into the urine.  It is ideal to get a reading before a meal and again 2-hours post eating to determine how your body is reacting to sugars and ketones.  The ketone blood meters will generally measure both glucose and ketone bodies in a given blood sample.
  3. What is the dose and frequency of Cur-OST HU Keto BHB? In most cases, HU Keto BHB is used in those people that need a boost in ketone levels for various reasons due to severity of condition or impaired ability to generate natural ketone production along side of the HU Keto Oil.  The daily dose of the HU Keto BHB is 1.5-3.0  grams twice daily.  These are average doses and for some, higher doses may be required along with physician guidance.  It is important in most cases to dose twice daily as ketones are readily used by the body for energy, thus levels only persist for up to 4-6 hours.
  4. Are there any side effects to the Cur-OST HU Keto BHB?  There have been no noted side effects with ketone salt usage, even at higher doses, however, caution should be used as with ketone salts, it is possible to overdose on the salt portion or mineral, which can create health concerns.  In the case of the Cur-OST HU Keto BHB, the mineral is magnesium, which when taken in high doses can create digestive upset, mild sedation, and other concerns. It is not recommended to exceed the label dose without a physician’s guidance and it is also recommended to evaluate other supplements that you may be taking which may contribute to the overall magnesium load being consumed.
  5. Can the Cur-OST HU Keto BHB be used alongside of other Cur-OST Formulas?  Yes, it can be used safely along side many of our other Cur-OST formulas, but ideally, if all factors are put into play, the long-term use of the HU Keto BHB may not be necessary or indicated.
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