Cur-OST HU Lemon Ease


Ease Tension & Stress, Improve Cognitive Performance! Superior Mellissa officinalis extract for results!  Ease your mind, ease your body, improve relaxation and sleep!

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Help your body and mind to relax and become at ease! Imagine being faced with a situation that normally would have your nerves in a complete upheaval, but instead, you are able to address it calmly, without having knots tied up in your stomach.  Cur-OST HU Lemon Ease is just the right herb formula to help you achieve that goal.

We are all under a fair amount of stress each day, but sometimes things happen that raises that stress level extremely high and we have a hard time handling our emotions and sometimes even our actions. Unexpected bad news or perhaps a bump up in traffic can be a catalyst for a bad day turning worse. Things that affect our emotional capability to react with calm and focus happen more often than we would like, but we have a defense in the Lemon Ease formula for just those types of situations without any sedative or side effects associated with medications. Supporting thought processes and alertness, Lemon Ease helps to keep us focused on what’s important, all while having a better mood during the storm of life.

The power and natural ability of lemon balm to help ease tension, promote relaxation, improve cognition and settle the nerves in a patented and quick acting extract called Blueneese®. This patented extract of Melissa officinalis has been shown in studies to support cognitive performance, improve alertness, concentration, mental focus and working memory, along with a calm and positive mood to help cope with stress. Lemon Ease is quick acting with general effects noted within one hour and lasting up to 3 hours.

Studies are ongoing regarding this particular herb, Lemon balm, but so far they have continually been promising in regards to adding emotional and mental stability and health. It’s small dose and great taste makes it an easy pick for people who want to support their cognitive function without relying on pharmaceuticals.

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