Who We Are?

Veterinary Formulated Anti-inflammatory Proprietary Blend is an all new approach to ininflammation and a better path to overall health.

It Is Strength… Relief… Recovery… Condence for Your Horse or Canine Companion

Nouvelle Veterinary, Inc., a research and development company operated by Thomas Schell, DVM, is dedicated to formulating quality natural anti-inflammatory supplement products for use in animals. Our goal is to evaluate the whole body, determine the need for immune support, joint or other health supplementation and supply the nutrients needed for recovery and maintenance. So from the working horse to the faithful family dog, rest assured Cur-OST® is focused on changing lives one scoop at a time. 

Cur-OST® Utilizes all natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that are proven in research and clinical practice to help reduce PAIN, INFLAMMATION and improve QUALITY OF LIFE.


Whether you have an upper level horse competitor or a faithful canine companion… We have a product formulation for you.

Cur-OST® targets inflammation….period, whether it is acute or chronic, and helps to support a healthy immune response.

**Aids in reducing the clinical signs associated with:

  • Arthritis (Canine or Equine)
  • Laminitis in horses
  • Navicular Syndrome in horses
  • Insulin Resistance and diabetes
  • Cancer debilitation
  • Generalized stiffness