Monthly Archives: December 2019

Shatavari Asparagus; Making the Woman a New Woman

Aging and stress are the two biggest culprits that you are up against in today’s society.  Both contribute significantly to your health decline, with each contributing respectively to the other.  Today’s society is very demanding, by choice mind you, which can create significant burdens on the body, both for men and women. Shatavari, or asparagus root, is one time proven remedy that can greatly assist with female health and rejuvenation, being used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine.  Can Shatavari, or asparagus root, help to revitalize and restore your body? (more…)

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Cordyceps sinensis; Bring Your Body Back from the Dead

Life can be a challenge, especially in today’s society of constantly coming and going.  We are all often burning the candle at both ends, which creates not just fatigue, but increased stress, and a loss of overall resistance in health.  It is not a surprise that a high percentage of us succumb to the common cold, diabetes, cognitive issues, chronic fatigue and a loss of zeal for life.  Cordyceps sinensis is one of those herbs, traditionally revered in Chinese Medicine as often the ‘cure all’ for many of our health complaints, serving as a primary adaptogen.   It’s potency and respect in Chinese medicine has earned it many names, and with that a high cost, but is Cordyceps sinensis what they have claimed it to be? (more…)

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