Monthly Archives: September 2017

Depression and Impact of Herbal Therapies

Depression is at an all time high in recent times, almost considered an epidemic by some.  It impacts men and women, but not equally it seems.  Up to 6.7% of today’s American society suffer from depression.  That’s 16 million Americans, contributing to reduced quality of life, reduced ability to work, certain medical conditions and even suicide. Despite medications, only 40-60% benefit clinically, but still suffer daily on certain levels.  Can herbs be of benefit? (more…)

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The Aging Process and Impact of Diet and Herbs

Aging is inevitable and with each passing year, we begin to notice changes to our bodies and our health.  We don’t have the strength and vitality that we did when we were a teenager, that’s for sure.  But even as we go from our 30’s to our 40’s, and to our 50’s or beyond, definite changes are obvious that contribute to health concerns such as immobility, low energy and daily aches.  Why do we age and is there something we can do about it?  Maybe slow it down…even just a little? (more…)

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Enhancing Energy Production and Reducing Fatigue Naturally

Energy…a commodity that not all of us have and many desire more of.  It is something that the body produces, as a result of many factors, and something that keeps us going mentally and physically.  Long days at the office, excessive work at home or at the office and even strenuous mental activity all drain us of our energy.  Sometimes, a few days off or a good night’s rest is all that is needed to recharge the batteries, but other times we need a little pick me up due to long term exhaustion.  The good news is that there are many healthy and natural options available, which can greatly assist with natural energy production and reduce fatigue. (more…)

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