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Diet, Food, and Impact on Cancer

“You are what you eat’ is a common phrase toss around the medical field, but few truly believe in the positive or negative impact of our diet, dependent on the foods chosen.  Cancer is the leading cause of death and  impacts approximately 38% of people every year, with that percentage appearing to climb higher every decade.  According to, in 2018 there will be 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed, with the most common including breast, lung, prostate, colon, skin, bladder, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, kidney, endometrial, leukemia, pancreatic, thyroid, and liver cancer.  The national expenditure for cancer in 2017 was estimated at $147.3 billion and continues to rise.  The ultimate question, considering the apparent continued rise in cancer cases, despite stagnant or falling overall long-term survival rates, is what is the impact of our diet and could there be a distinct connection with the food we choose to consume? (more…)

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