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Taking Control of Your Health- It Can Be Done!

Our health is likely one of the most valuable assets that each of us has, yet many don’t often contemplate this fact.  For some, their health is a constant factor in their mind while for others, it doesn’t come up in a thought until a major problem arises.  According to the National Health Council, over 50% of adults contend with a chronic health ailment.  Additionally, over 60% of Americans are on at least one prescription medication.  Yet, less than 3% of Americans live a ‘healthy’ lifestyle.  Likely, based on my experience, if you asked that 97% that didn’t live a healthy lifestyle if they did have control over their health, a large percentage would reply ‘no’.  Considering the asset that our health is to each of us, we need to realize that control is within our grasp.  Changes can be made with minimal effort, which can reap tremendous benefits in the short and long term.   (more…)

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Health and the Mind-Body Connection

Health and happiness.  Something we all seek and struggle to find in some situations.  Health is a commodity, an asset of sorts that most of us would likely spend a fortune in obtaining.  The truth is that no matter how much you spend, how many medications you take, or how many supplements you incorporate into your daily regimen, there is often one missing factor for most of us.  This one missing factor is the mind-body connection, and our mental factors.  Most will dismiss this factor, but the connection between the mind and overall health is tremendous.  Achieving this connection can make all of the difference in assisting you to acquire your ideal state of health, but also happiness on many levels.  (more…)

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