Month: July 2013

Disease, Injury and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Back in the days of high school biology class, we all learned the components of the cell.  Chances are that most of us have forgotten what we learned back then and that is okay, but in today’s medical society this knowledge is becoming important whether it is our health or that of our pets and horses.

Mitochondria and Energy
One of the most important components of the cell is the mitochondria, which the name may ring a bell.  The mitochondria has been termed the “Power House of the Cell” because it is the main source of energy production in the form of ATP.  Every cell in the body, with the exception of the red blood cell, has a mitochondria and actually, the number of mitochondria contained in a given cell varies dependent on the type of cell we are talking about.  Some have more and some have fewer, it is really dependent on the nature of the cell and energy output required.  Muscle and nervous tissue require more energy and thus usually have more mitochondria per cell.