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Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction in Men: A Signal of a Bigger Health Problem?

Erectile dysfunction.  A problem that many men encounter on various levels that could signal that something bigger is going on health wise and not just a problem in the bedroom.  If you’re a man, you’ll encounter this problem at some stage of your life and it may not just be when you are older.  Just like other health conditions, there is often a bigger picture to the issue than what we’d like to believe.  Many just create the excuses of too much stress or maybe they are not in the mood, both of which are important, but if the problem is recurrent, it may be wise to look deeper. (more…)

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Vaginal Yeast Infections and the Microbiome

Itching, burning, and discharge often at the most inconvenient times.  Vaginal yeast infections are something that every woman has encountered at least once and generally after the first encounter, you likely don’t want to go there again.  Yeast infections are extremely common in women and despite current therapy options, the problems continue to reoccur, often put off until another day.  Are you just pacifying the current situation or are you solving the problem at a base level? To answer this, you need to look at the situation, raising the question if there might just be a better means of intervening.  One possibly that could positively impact not just vaginal health but overall health.  (more…)

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