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Inflammation, Your Health, and Bacterial Microbiomes

Your health.  It is one commodity that seems to get scarcer and more limited as time passes by, but is there a connection with the many bacterial microbiomes in your body?  Aches, pains, general discomfort and reduced range of motion.  Reduced heart function, circulation, and impaired blood sugar regulation.  Increased body weight and reduced stamina or ability to do what we once could.  Impaired mental, cognitive function, depression and cancer.  All clinical problems associated with a reduced state of health and potentially an unbalanced microbiome.  Health is something that most perceive as being limited due to our aging process and also something that cannot be bought, replaced or achieved.  Is this the way you feel, about your own health?  Are you truly limited or is this just an illusion?  Let’s look deeper at the many bacterial microbiomes in our body and see if there is an connection and something that can be done to further push us towards our goals of health. (more…)

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Alzheimer’s Disease; Prevention or Cure?

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most feared conditions associated with aging in people, likely next to cancer and ranked above cardiovascular disease.  Alzheimer’s disease is often a very progressive dementia condition associated with aging that leaves many helpless, not only as the patient but the caregiver.  In today’s society, we often ban together to find cures for various health conditions that threaten our health, especially as we age, but all too often the cures that we expect to see, just never manifest.  Like many other health conditions, Alzheimer’s disease is complex and there are many facets to the disease process, often developing over time, not overnight.  Despite the millions if not billions of dollars spent on Alzheimer’s research, there is no cure in sight, but this research has shed some lights on lifestyle factors that could be potent means of prevention.  Should we pay more attention to what has been revealed to us, regarding Alzheimer’s prevention, rather than holding our breath waiting on that cure? (more…)

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