Knowledge is the Key to Health

Graduating from Veterinary School, students find themselves equipped with many volumes of knowledge regarding a wide array of species.  We are taught essentially the basics of medicine and surgery, with tools to do the job in most situations, but the knowledge is somewhat restricted from a practical point of view.  There is much to learn and confidence to gain over the years of clinical practice.  For the majority of us, being no different from our human medical counterparts, we often find that the amount of information is so overwhelming that soon we hone our skills down to maybe one area of practice, one particular species or even more one area of focus in a specific species.  What becomes obvious is that the more knowledge we acquire, the more useful we can become to our clients.  We can’t possibly know it all, but we can either share what we know or we can choose to hoard it. Through working together, as professionals, and through educating others, I truly believe we can win the battle against many chronic diseases that impact us, our pets and our equine companions.