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Rebuilding, Re-Energizing, and Supporting the Immune Response with Cordyceps

Is it possible to raise energy levels and increase endurance in the body?  We could all use a ‘pick-me-up’ every now and again, considering the busy and highly stressful lives that we live.  But, can you counter those negative effects that we inflict upon ourselves every day?  Is Cordyceps a possible solution to aid many people with energy and health? In 1993, at the Chinese National Games, a group of 9 women athletes shattered 9 world records. This stunned the officials and allegations were made regarding doping or illegal drug use.  However, these women were not using illegal drugs, supplements, or medications.  They were using  Cordyceps as part of their daily routine.  This time proven herb, treasured in Chinese cultures for centuries, demonstrates tremendous benefits to the body, including energy and improvements in overall health.  Let’s dig a little deeper into the possibilities! (more…)

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